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How much does Cremation cost in Camarillo? 

The price of Camarillo cremation is different at every place. Camarillo has some of the most affordable cremation rates in ventura county. Factors that influence the price are location, region, cremation urn, casket or case, and disposal of the ashes. The typical cremation starting rate is 600 dollars.

Cremations are a lot cheaper than a burial. However, they can escalate into the thousands very quickly. Some funeral homes in Ventura county as well as other places offer cremation services at their site. Although they start as low as 600 dollars the average cremation price is $1,100.00. This price does not include the funeral ceremony, or the cremation urns. The price variables can be summed up into three basic categories, cremation service fee, service fee, and storage –rented or bought- fee.  As you can tell cremation is by no means cheap but it is defiantly a less expensive option to a burial.

Where can you put the Cremated remains? 

Unlike a burial ashes can be dispersed virtually anywhere as long as it isn’t prohibited by law. You can hire a boat driver or specialist to take you to a specific location where you want your loved ones ashes to go. Your loved ones ashes can be cremated in Camarillo and dispersed in another country or city such as Moorpark. Prices for this vary depending on how far away the destination is.  Cremated ashes can also be dispersed at local parts if prohibited. Family members can disperse the ashes where ever they choose.

One benefit of cremation is that the ashes can be stored or spread in many different locations unlike a burial where only one location can be picked. Once you decide yo go with a Camarillo cremation the remains can be placed anywhere around the world. Family members can place the ashes in unique cremation urns to place on a mantle or shelf around their house. Cremated remains can be placed virtually anywhere. There are many places for creation ashes to be stored locally in Camarillo such as the Conejos Mountain Funeral home.

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Pros of Camarillo Cremation

  • Cheaper than a burial
  • Easy to transport
  • Multiple storage locations
  • Simplicity
  • More humane than underground decomposing
  • Eco friendly

Cons of Cremation

  • Violate some religious views
  • Once the body is cremated into ashes it can’t be undone
  • Uses fossil fuels
  • Can cause family dispute if all members aren’t in favor of cremation
  • Ashes get lost or switched at the crematory
How to plan a Cremation 

The loss of a loved one is hard enough on its own. The expense and planning of their funeral can make it even more stressful. In most cases ones funeral follows within the first two or three weeks after their death. Must people are unprepared for such a rapid procedure. Luckily for you there is no need to wait until after the death to plan your cremation. Cremations and funerals can be planned in advance. Camarillo Cremation can also be paid for in advance as well. It might seem like a strange idea to some to plan their own cremation service but it will only make it easier for themselves and their loved ones down the road.

Depending on where you live there are different organizations that can help you plan and price out burial and cremation processes. You will want to call your local Camarillo cremation director and funeral home to get the most accurate information possible. But there are tons of free nonprofit organizations that are there to help as well as articles, blogs, and videos online that will shed a ton of knowledge. Like Benjamin Franklin said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Pre-planned cremation is the way to go.