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Is Cremation right for you?

There are many reasons why people choose Moorpark cremation over a tradition burial. The loss of a loved one is difficult enough having an underground burial can make it much harder. It is a lot simpler to have the remains cremated rather than buried. Some people don’t like the thought of the bodies decomposing slowly underground and would rather have instantaneous decomposition of the body. The low cost of cremation is also very appealing to many people in Ventura County.

Portability also makes cremation an easier choice if the living relatives live in a different state it is a lot easier to spread the ashes in various places rather than shipping the body. Cremated remains also take up a lot less space than a burial yard because lots of ashes can be stored at a columbarium. Lastly, when bodies are left to decompose it can make the soil unfertile. Burials waste large amounts of land as well as making it unusable in the future. We want to save as much land as we can here in Moorpark California.

California State and Federal Cremation Laws in Moorpark CA.

  • Cremated remains must be removed from the Urn or container before they are dispersed
  • Ashes cannot be displaced on a pier, harbor, or beach
  •  Cremated ashes can be spread in the ocean only once you’ve reached or pass 3 nautical miles off shore
  • Ashes cannot be displaced in a river, lake , or stream
  • Remains may be stored at home
  • Scattering of cremated ashes on private and public property vary from place to place and should be double checked with local authorities beforehand.

The Moorpark Cremation Process

The process of cremating a human body is fairly basic but it does differ from place to place. Some of the Moorpark cremation factors that can cause change are the overall size and weight of the body, the lean muscle mass to fat ratio, quality of the cremation chamber, temperature, and the casket the body was placed in. To cremate a human body the cremation chamber must be preheated to 1400-1800 degrees Fahrenheit.

The body is quickly transferred into the chamber inside a combustible coffin. Then the heat decomposes the flesh and dries the bones out until it all crumbles into ash. This all takes place during one burn. However, a second after burn can sometimes take place to assure everything is decomposed. During this process the fumes are emitted through an exhaust system and leave virtually no smell or emissions.  The overall time it takes to cremate a body inside a cremation chamber changes from case to case.

How much does Moorpark Cremation cost?

The price of cremation is different at every place. Factors that influence the price are location, region, cremation urn, casket or case, and disposal of the ashes. The typical cremation starting rate is 600 dollars. Cremations are a lot cheaper than a burial but they can escalate into the thousands very quickly. Some funeral homes in Ventura county as well as other places offer cremation services at their site. Although they start as low as 600 dollars the average cremation price is $1,100.00. This price does not include the funeral ceremony, or the cremation urns. The price variables can be summed up into three basic categories, cremation service fee, service fee, and storage –rented or bought- fee.  As you can tell cremation is by no means cheap but it is defiantly a less expensive option to a burial.

Where can you put the Cremated remains? 

Unlike a burial ashes can be dispersed virtually anywhere as long as it isn’t prohibited by law. You can hire a boat driver or specialist to take you to a specific location where you want your loved ones ashes to go. Prices for this vary depending on how far away the destination is.  Cremated ashes can also be dispersed at local parts if prohibited. Family members can disperse the ashes where ever they choose. One benefit of cremation is that the ashes can be stored or spread in many different locations unlike a burial where only one location can be picked. Family members can place the ashes in unique cremation urns to place on a mantle or shelf around their house. Cremated remains can be placed virtually anywhere.

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