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Crematory services in Somis are help to higher standard. Since it is such a small town we want our neighbors to trust us.  At Somis Cremation we devote quality time to each individual we serve in our crematory. We  have many Crematory Urns to pick from in Somis. If qualiy and care matter to you then look no further.

The Somis Cremation Process

The process of cremating a human body is fairly basic but it does differ from place to place. Some of the factors that can cause change are the overall size and weight of the body, the lean muscle mass to fat ratio, quality of the cremation chamber, temperature, and the casket the body was placed in. To cremate a human body the cremation chamber must be preheated to 1400-1800 degrees Fahrenheit. The body is quickly transferred into the chamber inside a combustible coffin. Then the heat decomposes the flesh and dries the bones out until it all crumbles into ash. This all takes place during one burn. However, a second after burn can sometimes take place to assure everything is decomposed. During this process the fumes are emitted through an exhaust system and leave virtually no smell or emissions.  The overall time it takes to cremate a body inside a cremation chamber changes from case to case.

California State and Federal Somis Cremation Laws

  • Cremated remains must be removed from the Urn or container before they are dispersed
  • Ashes cannot be displaced on a pier, harbor, or beach
  •  Cremated ashes can be spread in the ocean only once you’ve reached or pass 3 nautical miles off shore
  • Ashes cannot be displaced in a river, lake , or stream
  • Remains may be stored at home
  • Scattering of cremated ashes on private and public property vary from place to place and should be double checked with local authorities beforehand.